16 June 2014

Macaroni Schotel Cup a la REAL Kitchen NL

Macaroni Schotel Sweet Corn and Sausage
Actually really simple recipe, my husband really love macaroni schotel.
Want to know the recipe for our version (REAL Kitchen NL)
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The materials:

- 500 grams of macaroni

- 300 gr of ground beef
- 100 gr sausage
- 100 grams of sweet corn
- 500 ml milk
- 1 cup cream fraiche
- 2 eggs
- 2 blocks maggy stuk
- To taste olive oil for sauteing
- 500 gr grated cheese, or to taste (for mix and sprinkles)
- 3 medium sized onion, finely sliced
- Salt, to taste paper
- Cup heat resistant aluminum or container.
How to Make it:

1. Boil macaroni until cooked, with salt + olive oil to taste, strain and drain.

2. Sauté sliced ​​onions until fragrant, then enter the cook ground beef until half cooked,
3. Feedback macaroni, milk, cream fraiche into meat stir until blended.
4. Feedback sausage, sweet corn, salt, peper and maggy dam stir ... cook about 10min.
5. Finally enter 100 gr grated cheese stir and drain.
6. Put macaroni into the aluminum cup, give some beaten egg and spoon
sprinkle it with grated cheese and bake in the oven ready.
Approximately 15-20 minutes.
And ready to serve with chili sauce in a jar or mayonnaise.


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